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Single laser: Laser show and medicine

One would think that a single laser is nearly self-explanatory. Indeed, this is a laser with little power but superb quality. Single lasers are used, for example, in the medical field such as with dentistry and dermatology.

If you have an eczema on the skin or suffer from acne or other skin problems, the single laser may possibly help you. The specialist uses this laser to carefully remove diseased or damaged skin areas.

They abrade several layers while promoting the growth of new skin layers. Single lasers are also used with laser printers, as you know them from the home office, also with plotters, with holography, i.e. a form of three-dimensional presentation of bodies per laser.

Finally, we meet this single-beam laser in the show area. Glamorous laser shows are often produced by devices equipped with a single laser.achtvollen Lasershows stecken oft Geräte, die mit einem Single Laser ausgestattet sind.