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Laser welding: Fast and precise

Welding always produces weld seams. These are usually clearly visible beads which have to be reworked when the workpiece has cooled down. That is not very economically viable and not in keeping with our age of efficiency.

Laser welding, fast and precise, is the alternative. This process has been used in the automotive industry for a long time as the weld seams are hardly visible and long reworking times are omitted.

Experts differentiate between spot welding and seam welding as well as laser soldering. The principle is the same as for welding, but with the use of an additive capable of joining substances that would normally not fuse.

A clear advantage of laser welding is, on the one hand, the speed coupled with the enormous precision of the work. On the other hand, the respective areas of the workpieces only heat up slightly.

Laser welding – or in this case bonding – can also join plastics. One very simple example is the sealing of plastic packaging.