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Laser process: Hi-Tech in action

The header already indicates what the term "laser process" means. It is the phase of a work process where the laser as such meets its task. Hi-Tech in action!

This sounds rather generally and it actually is: Any work process with a laser finally is a laser process, the method by which the laser processes the solid body at this moment. Let's describe a laser process using the example of laser coating.

The principle is actually quite simple: An object shall be permanently protected, for example, against corrosion or aggressive substances. The most effective method is probably to furnish the object with a special alloy.

This is where the laser comes into play. Because alloying does not mean anything else then blending two substances. During the laser process the basic material, that is, the material to be processed, is partially melted and mixed with the desired supplementing material.

Both enter into a strong compound finally making the product more rugged and less susceptible, for example, against acids and corrosion. This sounds as if the entire solid body to be processed is partially melted; however, this is only a laser process on the surface.