• cericut ®

    the new LASER cutting-crilling CNC process

  • LASER-Decoating

    Use the non-contact LASER technology

  • LASER structuring and removal of thin layers

    fascinating possibilities

  • LASER structure for improved mobile reception

    in buildings, trains and vehicles

  • LASER marking

    Take advantage of the diversity and flexibility


Technology for glass laser processing | CERION laser

Your specialist for machines and software for glass laser processing

This is where glass and light interact in an unimagined way. More than 10 years of consistent development make this possible. Make your ideas a reality with glass laser processing from CERION - you can decorate, drill and cut glass without contact using the concentrated power of the laser beam. Whether you want to frost the glass on the surface or give it a sub-surface 3-dimensional structure, whether you want to drill it without contact or cut it into complex shapes - we can offer you a solution.

Do you want to realise sophisticated architectural or design projects? Would you like to offer your customers something new and revolutionary? Are you fed up with laborious and lengthy manual decoration of glass using sand blasting?

We also offer groundbreaking, optimal solutions for creating structure or removing glass coatings as well as aesthetically pleasing, machine readable glass marking. Shape your future with the investment in a laser machine from Cerion. Discover new possibilities!